For as long as Lyle can remember he has enjoyed photos, looking at them, taking them, but not so much being a subject within them. He has a sense of curiosity, wanting to know how things work, and so as a kid, he once took apart his film point and shoot camera, and received a nice jolt from the fully charged capacitor. What he learned was to always make sure the capacitor is fully discharged before taking it apart, and somehow the camera still worked afterwards… 
Early on in life he started to see, know, and experience the brokenness around him, but he saw the beauty around him as well. This mix of reality in part helped to foster a sense of calling within him to seek healing, to share the beauty around us all, and to address injustice, promote peace, community, and reconciliation. It led him to study and engage in theology and ministry. Ministry expressed within a faith tradition that holds: the Worth of All Persons, Sacredness of Creation, Pursuit of Peace (Shalom), and Unity in Diversity as enduring principles. Ministry expressed as well in ecumenical and interfaith movements that seek to bring healing and wholeness and end injustice. 
Some of his greatest moments thus far have been sharing as a hospital chaplain, engaging in hunger justice advocacy work, encouraging people to form community where the worth of all is embraced and uplifted, and helping people find a sense of peace and sacredness in the midst of the struggles of life and death. 
When it comes to his photography, he seeks to capture the wonder around him. For him, it is often a form of prayer and meditation.  It is a way of connecting with the whole of creation,  and with the ultimate. As he takes a photo and as he works upon it he finds peace, calm, and centeredness. He leaves a bit of himself with each photo he creates. Thus he is revealed perhaps more in his photos, than in any of the few photos that contain his actual likeness.
He shares his work with the hope that perhaps others will find a bit of the sacred and a bit of the wonder he encountered as he took the image and as he worked to bring about the version that meets your eye.   
Photography is art and a way of expression for Lyle. Though he does do photography and related work for pay, art and expression remains a primary focus and desire in what is created. A portion of all income made from the creating or sharing of his art is given to organizations that seek to uplift the worth of persons, promote peace and justice,  and seek to end the great injustices of hunger, poverty, and environmental destruction that plague our world. 
Lyle has served as a staff photographer for various events and organizations ranging from small local events with tens of people and an hour or two in length, to multi day events with a few hundred people, to international events  of more than a week in length with thousands of participants. Images produced for these events have been used by organizations on their websites, social media accounts, newsletters, marketing materials, videos,  and in internationally published periodicals.
Reach Out to Lyle & Nickel Photography
Often Lyle works alone capturing that which is around him, but he also enjoys creating art with others and for others. If you are interested in collaborating with Lyle, hiring Nickel Photography for a photo session, photographing an event, purchasing a print, or something else..., then please feel free to do so via the contact page or via social media. 
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